Mind Mountain Yoga - Meditation Basics

Mind Mountain Yoga - Meditation Basics

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Want to start doing yoga, or meditating, but your anxiety is holding you back?

Maybe the thought of trying something new in a class full of strangers intimidates you, you don’t want to stick out. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

We’re here for YOU!


Mind Mountain Yoga is a come-to-you, led-by-you yoga and meditation service!

In Meditation Basics, we’ll walk through a couple of meditation techniques for beginners, as well as a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your meditation.

Our goal is to help you build up your confidence, find a technique that works for you, and get you on the path to practicing on your own, or attending a class at a local studio!

So whether it’s just you, a small group of friends, or even our whole office, we’ll come to you and bring all the equipment needed, so the only thing you need to supply is the location. It can be your living room, kitchen, office, backyard, anywhere that is big enough to lay down a couple yoga mats!

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  • Individual Session

    • After purchasing an individual session you will receive an email to schedule your session.

  • Group Session:

    • After purchasing a group session you will receive an email asking for email contacts for the rest of the group, and to schedule the session. (Other group members may pay online, or in person at the session)

    • Must have a group organized ahead of time (EX. a couple friends, family members, whoever you want to invite)

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