Display rules are a culture’s informal norms on expressing emotions.


  • Men don't cry
  • Women shouldn't be aggressive or dominant  
  • It is unprofessional to express your emotions in the workplace

speak up about display rules

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Our Stories; Scott Tobin (continued)

Our Stories; Scott Tobin (continued)

I wrote this poem when I was manic.

The response is to the mind who wrote it.

. . .

I can't be taken from you, 

You may not believe:

Physical things won't replace me;

They will not relieve.


Remember that I've been right, 

Right next to you my good dear,

Please don't give into the fight, 

Especially if with fear.


I have never left your side, 

Even when you've been so lost. 

I will let you, first, decide, 

On this advice for no cost.


I love and hope that you love,

Love the life you live;

Realize dreams and views are...

All imaginative.

 . . .


And as I look upon you,

With all the change you've had,

It is important to tell you,

Because of this I'm glad.


Sometimes the storms we bare,

May come and go so fast; 

And whether or not we are aware,

Others are here to last.


Take with you all the pride you need,

And leave behind your tears.

For all that you have left to do,

Is to overcome your fears. 

. . .

Scott Tobin



Our Stories; Scott Tobin

Our Stories; Scott Tobin