Display rules are a culture’s informal norms on expressing emotions.


  • Men don't cry
  • Women shouldn't be aggressive or dominant  
  • It is unprofessional to express your emotions in the workplace

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Our Stories; Crystal Mews (continued)

Our Stories; Crystal Mews (continued)

Here is a list of a few of the things that help me get by. I’m outlining some of my favourite things that I do for self-care, so if you choose, you can incorporate them into your self-care as well!


As soon as I get home after work every day (weather permitting) I take my dog out for a walk. Fresh air, silence and just playing around and laughing with my dog helps me let go of my work day. When I get home from that, i’ll make/get some supper and relax with some shows, a movie, a podcast, youtube videos or if I had taken pictures recently I will maybe do some quick edits and make an insta post. Some days this means getting in a bath with a glass of wine and a nice face mask.


I honestly love cleaning. Some days you wouldn’t think that if you came to visit my apartment, but I feel like subconsciously I build up a mess just to spend more time to clean it later on (or maybe that’s just the depression). It makes you feel so good after it’s done, and sometimes it only takes 15 minutes of tidying to make a huge difference. Besides just cleaning, I love going through things I own every now and then and just gutting stuff I don’t use, stuff that doesn’t hold good memories anymore and clothing/accessories I just don’t use. It’s amazing how great decluttering and donating things can make you feel! That breath of air after you sit down once everything is clean and in its place can be so satisfying.


I know this sounds super simple, but taking a few moments and slowing down your breath and just focusing only on your breathing. Inhale - exhale - inhale12345 - exhale12345, you can also call this meditating but I find a lot of people get intimidated by that word. “Oh I would never be able to clear my mind”, the focus is not on clearing the mind, the focus is on slowing down. Once our breath slows down, the mind slows down. If counting helps you, count. Set a timer for 2 minutes, you’ll be surprised how fast it passes and how much lighter you’ll feel after. The goal is to become aware of where our thoughts go, and become able to redirect them to better thoughts a bit more easily.


Whether that’s exercising, yoga, or dancing around your home being silly, just MOVE. Movement will take your mind off whatever troubles you and make you focus on what your body is doing instead. Even when I’m in the worst mood, if I throw on some music that I absolutely LOVE and know all the words to, it’s so hard not to sing along and dance around and get out of your headspace, even for just a moment.


With the above being mentioned, music is next, if you play an instrument, do that, if you don’t then just blast music and sing at the top of your lungs, songs that make you feel happy, sad, angry anything. Just feel the music and sing along and this will help you release as well.

Whether you’ll be adding my self-care activities to your own, or not, I hope this post has brought you a few moments of relaxation.

Our Stories; Ally Furlong

Our Stories; Ally Furlong

Out Stories; Crystal Mews

Out Stories; Crystal Mews