Who is behind Display Rules?

Jenn O'Quinn - Owner

"After being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and insomnia, my eyes were opened to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. It was difficult at the beginning, and because of the stigma, I felt like I couldn't tell anyone what I was going through. I felt so alone. I was taking my medications, and doing everything I could to feel better but nothing seemed to work. I turned to self-harm, which pushed me further into the darkness. It wasn't until my doctor suggested I keep a mood log that things started to change. First I started journaling, then I moved my writing over to a blog. It made it much easier for me to tell my story in person, having already expressed my feelings online. 

Cut to the present day, and I am still telling my story. Having personally seen the ups and downs of mental illness, I now consider myself an advocate. I no longer tell my story to simply get it off my chest, but to help those who are struggling. 

I have always been one to express my thoughts and emotions, whether its through my tattoos, blog, or clothing. I wanted to create a clothing line so other people could feel inspired and encouraged to tell their stories as well."  

What does Display Rules mean?

Display Rules are a culture’s informal norms about who, where and when it is appropriate to show emotion. In North America some common examples are:

  • Men don't cry

  • Women shouldn't be aggressive or dominant

  • It is unprofessional to express your emotions in the workplace

Why does it matter?

We are expected to follow our culture's display rules, regardless if we agree or not. If you naturally follow these rules, amazing! If you don't, then you shouldn't have to conform. Suppressing your emotions can lead to depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses.

So speak up about display rules and tell the world who you are.